Muri Lelu Cultivated Skincare

Bloomrise Sativa Serum

is skin's ultimate daily wakeup call

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"Gave my skin more of a glow after just a week of using."

"This face oil is the chicest new development in cannabis skin care."

"Chic, Floral, Clean."

"This industry newcomer has proven to be a forceful contender in not only CBD-based beauty, but in natural skincare overall"

Active ingredients. Optimal Concentration.

Fusing nature and science, Muri Lelu is a high-performance skincare line dedicated to unlocking the potential of whole flower hemp. Our formulas are crafted with organic, full spectrum hemp extracts that harness all of the plant’s therapeutic compounds — cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, fatty acids, flavonoids — for maximum anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits.

Bloomrise treated my skin inflammation quicker than any product I’ve tried so far... within 4 days, yep you read that right, my skin was less red, blotchy and dry.


Your products are incredible! I had a girls week with my mom and sister last week and we steamed out the walk in shower, did some edibles, and then finished with your serum and oil. I’ve never met a serum with such a soft and milky texture.


Bloomrise Sativa Serum is a new favorite of mine. I especially love how dewy and hydrated it leaves my skin


I was on a zoom with no makeup and my skin was glowing… I got private chats asking me what I was using! I like the a.m./p.m. aspect and it’s very rich and luxurious. I mix it with my clean retinol.


I lather this oil on my neck and face when I am about to go to bed. It calms me as well as gives my skin the moisture it’s been needing lately. It has a light, faint smell of weed.


I began using Mauvaise Herbe [and] in a matter of days, my pores were minimized and inflammation decreased significantly. Coupled with the powerful a.m. Bloomrise serum, my skin tone evened out + the texture became quite smooth — which is hard to do with a 5 o’clock shadow. Truly, 24/7 coverage


Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil has completely changed the game for me. My skin has honestly never been this smooth, hydrated, bright and healthy … This is the most beneficial skin product I own, and I can’t recommend it enough!


This is my all-time favorite beauty product. My skin has never been more balanced and glowing.


Relax, refresh and restore

with Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil


Full Skin Ritual

Cultivate the ultimate skincare ritual with this potent plant-based duo. Bloomrise Sativa Serum sets up skin for flawless days, while Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil hydrates and turns back the visible signs of aging by night.

An effortless ritual, utilizing the full flower in its most potent form.

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