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Why Cannabis Is The All-In-One Complexion Perfector That Works For All Skin Types

Why hemp is an all-in-one complexion perfecter

One little plant, a whole lotta drama… 

Cannabis may get a bad rap as one of the most misunderstood plants in recent history, yet underneath the stigmas, taboos, and (not so wise) words of caution are some extremely badass benefits that hold the key to our healthiest selves — and skin. 

This small-but-mighty plant is Muri Lelu’s favorite flower for a reason: It’s a super-ingredient that works harder than nearly any other to keep skin healthy, hydrated and naturally radiant at any age. 

Canna-curious about how this superflower works its magic? Debunk what you’ve heard and keep reading for a no-nonsense guide to understanding full flower cannabis and the major wonders it works for all skin types. 

Why Cannabis is the All-In-One Complexion Perfector That Works For All Skin Types


Dating as far back as Ancient Egypt, full flower cannabis has been prized for its beautifying benefits. In fact, the OG Beauty Queen, Cleopatra, was said to have applied cannabis oil to her skin to keep her looking refreshed and youthful. 

And now, modern day science is unlocking the plant’s millennia-old wisdom.

The long and short of what makes it so beneficial for skin? Simple: Full flower cannabis is one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. 

This science-backed truth is why full flower cannabis delivers results for all skin types, including stressed, damaged, sensitive and aging. Numerous studies have confirmed that cannabis has a unique ability to repair and regulate, putting its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to work on skin from the inside out.

Unmatched when it comes to strengthening the barrier and keeping skin calm and naturally vibrant, full flower cannabis is a must-add to every skin routine — and it’s front-and-center in all of our skincare rituals, including our two-step signature Full Flower Ritual

Now that we’ve clued you in on our crush, continue deep diving with us as we look at some of the science behind how this plant optimizes our skin health.

The 5 benefits you'll instantly see when you add hemp into your skincare.

Before we break down full flower cannabis' extraordinary relationship with our skin, we may benefit from taking a step back to start at the very beginning… 

What exactly is full flower cannabis? 

Full flower cannabis refers to extract from the cannabis sativa plant that preserves its broadest range of therapeutic compounds. Derived from the flowers, buds, stalks, seeds and stems of the plant, this extract contains a wide variety of naturally occurring chemical compounds (along with flavor and fragrance compounds as well).

Muri Lelu's cannabis sativa extract is derived from hemp (not marijuana) varietals of the plant which have been bred to exclusive psychoactive cannabinoids including THC.  

What do these compounds do and why do our bodies (and skin) care? 

Cannabis sets the standard high: It contains over 100 varieties of chemical compounds, which are grouped together in a plant system called the phytocannabinoid system. Working in tandem, these compounds help the plant regulate its own daily functioning and protect itself against environmental aggressors. 

Over time, our bodies have evolved in lock-step with the plant to include a biological network of our own, known as the endocannabinoid system, that controls much of our bodies' functioning. 

Just like a key fits into a lock, cannabis plant compounds activate our endocannabinoid system. When these compounds come into contact with our body, they trigger a host of overall wellness and skin health benefits from increased relaxation, to reduced inflammation (including a reduction in the chronic inflammation that accelerates the visible signs of aging), boosted moisture retention and pain.

The most effective “key” is high quality, full flower cannabis. It harnesses the widest range of therapeutic plant compounds, helping them join forces in a phenomenon known as the “entourage effect” that multiplies the healing benefits.

Why Cannabis Is The All-In-One Complexion Perfector That Works For All Skin Types 


By now, you’ve learned a lot more about cannabis and how it enhances our functioning. But when it comes to skincare, sometimes you have to see it to believe it — and full flower cannabis delivers big with radiant results. 

Read on for the top 5 benefits you’ll definitely notice once you start incorporating full flower cannabis into your skincare routine. 

1. A resilient and strengthened skin barrier. Skin barriers are all the buzz in beauty lately — and for good reason. Our skin barrier keeps us safe from bacteria and toxins, and preserves the moisture skin needs to stay healthy. 

But when our barrier is compromised by inflammation or everyday environmental factors, it shows up on our skin in the form of increased dryness, redness, irritation and overall sensitivities. A weakened barrier can also open the floodgates for blemishes and acne, especially for those who experience hormonal flare ups to begin with. 

Full flower cannabis to the rescue: As the receptors in our skin come in contact with full flower cannabis extracts, they re-regulate barrier function to keep inflammation at bay. The result is a stronger and healthier barrier that’s restored to healthy functioning.

2. A reduction in the visible signs of aging. In case you missed it: What we refer to as the aging process is, in large part, a byproduct of free radical damage and its effect on the body. 

Free radicals can be produced internally, but they're more often introduced by common outside sources such as pollution, dust, cigarette smoke and more. As skin is continually exposed to free radicals over time, it starts to break down and deteriorate with damage that looks like wrinkles, sagging, dryness, dullness and age spots.

Antioxidants are a powerful natural solution to the havoc that free radicals wreak on our skin. They counteract damage by protecting and preserving our healthy DNA, boosting overall vitality. 

Shown to contain more antioxidant properties than either Vitamin C or E, full flower cannabis is one of nature's most potent antioxidants that can help diminish the visible signs of aging. 

Muri Lelu: luxury skincare made with full flower hemp
3. Deeply hydrated skin that better retains moisture. Full flower cannabis helps us hang on to the good stuff. As an emollient, the plant plays a role in combating water loss by offering a protective layer to the skin barrier that boosts the natural amount of moisture we can retain. 

The excess moisture improves the overall health of the skin and is a powerful antidote for healing inflamed, red and dry skin caused by dehydration. 

Muri Lelu's Bloomrise Sativa Serum was specifically formulated to amplify the plant's hydrating effects, offering intensive triple-hydration grounded in full flower cannabis. 

4. Reduction in flare ups and breakouts. For those prone to breakouts or blemishes, it may seem counterintuitive to use face oils like Muri Lelu's Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil. But don’t be fooled — one of full flower cannabis' most important regulatory benefits is that it rebalances oil production. 

In constant dialogue with our skin receptors, phytocannabinoids interact with the glands that produce sebum — a major component in acne formation — and ensures that the optimal amount of oil is being produced. 

This prevents either the overproduction or underproduction of oil, treating issues like breakouts and other imperfections that arise from having excessively oily or dry skin. Once oil production is regulated, blemishes may begin to reduce as the skin returns to a natural state of health.

Why Cannabis Is The All-In-One Complexion Perfector That Works For Every Skin Type

5. Calm, soothed and de-stressed skin, even for sensitive or hormonally disrupted types. Full flower cannabis is big on the CHILL! Perhaps the most significant benefit of this powerful anti-inflammatory is its calming, ultra-soothing effect. 

The plant is known to calm painful irritation and reduce redness, making it a wonder-ingredient for those with sensitive skin or skin issues including eczema, rosacea or chronic dryness. 

Full flower cannabis' calming properties also go to work beyond the skin surface, stabilizing dis-regulated hormones that can cause skin to go haywire during times of transition such as the monthly cycle or menopause.

How to get radiant skin with full flower hemp in your routine


The best part about full flower cannabis? It can work its plant magic on virtually all skin types. Sensitive, mature, acne-prone and dry skin will all be soothed, calmed and supported by full flower cannabis  

Its restorative and soothing properties also make full flower cannabis the ideal ingredient for recovery of any type, whether from an especially bad breakout, postpartum disruption, sun damage or more. Consider it the gateway drug to stripping back your routine and making sure you’re focusing on nurturing and nourishing. 

And for those of you tapped into #skincaretok, full flower cannabis is your best bud on recovery night! It will help calm and replenish skin post actives-night. 


Each of full flower cannabis' benefits are powerful on their own, but in combination they are nature's most innovative way to support the continued health and vibrancy of our skin throughout our lives and the aging process. Products featuring full flower cannabis, like Muri Lelu's Full Flower Ritual, harness the full potential of this super-ingredient for a radiant complexion. 


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