Muri Muse: Chrystin Bunion, the entrepreneur making life more Sweet – Muri Lelu

Muri Muse: Chrystin Bunion, the entrepreneur making life more Sweet

Muri Muse: Chrystin Bunion, founder of cannabis lifestyle brand Sweets Flower Shop

Some things seem to make the work we do all the more sweet...

Case in point: Chyrstin Bunion, founder of cannabis lifestyle brand Sweets Flower Shop. A former strategist and creative who worked in the fashion and lifestyle industries prior to launching her brand, Chrystin infuses an elevated eye for design and curation into Sweets' output, especially evident in the brand's stand-out hero product, CBD Enriched Honey.  

Sweet stuff aside, we're most inspired by Chrystin's authenticity and budding voice. She speaks candidly about what inspired her to start Sweets: Alleviating anxiety for both herself and a formerly incarcerated loved one. It's clear that her mission is firmly rooted in wellness-for-all — a true luxury in a world that increasingly demands more and leaves us with less for ourselves and our loved ones. 

We recently caught up with Chrystin to talk wellness routines, bottling mother nature's power players, and the revolutionary potential of stepping into the life you envision for yourself. 

Muri Muse: Chrystin Bunion, founder of cannabis lifestyle brand Sweets Flower Shop

Muri Lelu: Tell us more about your origin story. When did you start Sweets Flower Shop, and why did you decide to start the line with honey? 

Chrystin Bunion: Sweets Flower Shop is a culturally focused cannabis lifestyle brand providing a holistic alternative path to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Created in 2020, Sweets Flower Shop came about when I was looking for holistic alternatives to help manage the pain of my menstrual cycle and help a loved one manage anxiety after being released from the prison system. We both were looking for a healthy and legal way to deal with the pain relief, insomnia, and anxiety of transitioning back into society. After extensive research, CBD came to mind, and coincidentally I had a close friend who had connections with a few cannabis farmers. So when I tried the CBD flowers out in a smokable form, my mind was blown by the immediate relief I felt. I thought that something this good and positively impactful should be shared with my family and community. Being as though many people in my family suffer from health issues and do not like the act of smoking, we thought that offering infused honey would be a great way to challenge the stigma around cannabis while combining two of Mother natures power players to create a product that is timeless and versatile.

ML: Here at Muri, we talk a lot about conscious consumption and using cannabis as a portal to moments of increased self-recognition and self-celebration. What does conscious consumption mean to you, and how do you use this flowering plant to fuel your self-care rituals?

CB: Concerning cannabis, to me, conscious consumption means partaking in the consumption of the plant (whether it be smoking, having edibles, or using topicals) while acknowledging the impact of the flowers’ benefits and healing properties on your overall health and lifestyle. Conscious consumption fuels my self-care rituals by easing me into a more present, creative, and relaxing state. For instance, I enjoy taking a few puffs of a pre-roll blended with THC and CBD after my morning meditation and before stretching and moving my body before jumping into my work day. I am intentional about this time because it’s when I set the tone of my day. I enjoy it after meditation and before moving my body because it’s easier for me to focus on breathing and calm my mind before using cannabis to aid the effort. However, when I move my body and stretch, I notice that cannabis energizes me. I can go a little deeper in my movements and push myself. 

Muri Muse: Chrystin Bunion, founder of cannabis lifestyle brand Sweets Flower Shop

ML: What does your skincare routine look like typically? How has your skin changed over time, and what have you learned about caring for yourself (skincare and beyond)?

CB: My skincare routine is straightforward. Outside of visiting my esthetician monthly, I like incorporating clean and cannabis-infused skincare and beauty products into my regime. My skin is very sensitive and acne prone, so it’s been a struggle for me to find products that agree with the fickleness of my skin. A lot of trial and error had to take place before achieving the results that I currently have, but thank GOD we made it. This has taught me that everything that works for others may not work for me, and that’s fine. Being specific about what works for me and sticking with that has not only helped simplify my routine but has cleared up my skin, has me glowing, and cut out unnecessary spending on trendy products. This belief serves as a throughline for me in caring for myself. 

ML: The definition of self-care is, at its core, a well-rounded practice of replenishing the self. When you strip it all back, what do you consider essential acts of self-care? 

CB: Although self-care looks different for everyone, some essential acts for me are maintaining a restful sleeping routine, eating nourishing/clean foods, exercising, spending time in nature/solitude/ and with loved ones, doing something you enjoy, and regular expressions of gratitude. It can get challenging sometimes for me to maintain all or a few of these essential acts in our society and with my crazy schedule. Still, I’m often reminded that having discipline is a form of self-love that shows up for you and says, “You deserve the life you envision, and I’m going to make sure you get it.”
ML: What is the most subversive thing you've done lately? 
CB: Last month I teamed up with my colleague Dr. Krystal Brewington to host a focus group for moms who suffer(ed) from some form of postpartum anxiety or depression called Moms And Managing Anxiety Symptoms (MAMAs). Together we are introducing 10 Mothers - who are not pregnant/breastfeeding - to the conscious consumption of Sweets Flower Shop’s CBD-infused products to aid in their anxiety, insomnia, and pain-relief symptoms that often get overlooked by society while being a Mom. The trial is 21 days long, and the moms must complete a daily log detailing the time and reason they consume CBD during their day. It’s been inspiring to see how our infused products are helping to restore restful nights of sleep and offering anxiety relief to these women so they can show up as a better version of themselves for their families, friends, and lifestyles. And since there’s little to no research on the benefits of cannabis on suffering moms, taking matters into my own hands has been very liberating, and having support from this group is empowering to the brand's mission. I hope it leads to further research and more collective support around parents consuming cannabis to help them restore self-care while parenting. 


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