Apply, Inhale, Elevate: How To Cultivate A Cannabis Aromatherapy Ritua – Muri Lelu

Apply, Inhale, Elevate: How To Cultivate A Cannabis Aromatherapy Ritual

Apply, Inhale Elevate: Cultivate a Cannabis Aromatherapy Ritual
Fruity, funky and earthy.
Herbaceous, piney and spicy.

Woods-y and floral, with an intoxicating aroma all its own.

However you choose to describe it, there is nothing quite like the subversive scent of cannabis. We all know that when nibbled, smoked or otherwise ingested, the plant has the potent power to lighten our load and illuminate our consciousness — but did you know that its delicious aroma alone can unlock some of the same therapeutic benefits? 

When we set out to bottle the magic of cannabis and harness its beautifying benefits, we knew we had to create a way for the plant's mood elevating potential to truly blossom. That's why we infused each of our products with a unique cannabis aromatherapy blend designed to spark multi-sensory, spirit-soothing indulgence.

"I love the scent of Muri Lelu. It's very grounding to me, and the earthiness has become a part of my routine, something I look forward to. A part of the ritual." - Mandy, designer, market editor and mother 

Apply, Inhale, Elevate: How to Create a Multi-Sensory Ritual

Cannabis Terpenes 

Cannabis is more than just a pretty scent: it's a functional fragrance with proven benefits for your autonomic nervous system. 

All plants produce their signature scents thanks to compounds called terpenes, which possess therapeutic benefits. In the cannabis plant those benefits are elevated — terpenes in the plant actually amplify the potency of other chemical compounds via a synergistic process know as the entourage effect in which all plant compounds (cannabinoids included) work together to activate ultra-healing mood, mind-body health benefits and enhance overall calm and wellbeing.  

True to our brand, we tapped into cannabis' ancient aromatic wisdom and elevated it to the highest levels of luxury. We sought out a nose — a trained perfume artist with years of experience translating moods, emotions and memories into fragrance — from the prestigious Southwest of France and challenge them to innovate on nature's greatest funkified aroma. 

The resulting blends capture the authentic intention and use of each of the plant's signature strains, and additionally layer in botanical notes to amplify cannabis' healing benefits.

Sativa Cannabis Aromatherapy for Energizing 
Fresh florals and citrus combine in this morning celebratory blend infused in Bloomrise Sativa Serum. Uplifting cannabis aromatherapy that opens a well of clarity and creativity with the first sunrise, when new thoughts begin to blossom. 

Top Notes: Bergamot, Juniper Berries, Lemongrass, Moroccan Neroli, Geranium Rose, Bigarade A

Indica Cannabis Aromatherapy for Relaxing 
Seductive spice meets earthy, grounding herbals in Mauvaise Herbe Indica Oil.
A soothing cannabis aromatherapy blend that restores presence to the body and lulls the mind into total tranquility. 

Top Notes: Sweet Basil, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Clary Sage, Cypress, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Petitgrain


A ritual this good shouldn't be rushed. Harness the cannabis aromatherapy infused in our daily skincare duo to quiet the world around you, release yourself from the expectations of others and tap into a sixth sense: the beauty and charisma at the core of who you naturally are. 

Twice a day, take your time and indulge in 3 simple steps to comfort spirit and body in unison. 


Quiet the mind and set an intention as you warm serum or oil up in your hands and massage into your skin. 

Pause and notice how the touch of your fingertips feel as they connect to your skin. Breathe and deeply take in the cannabis aromatherapy. 

Catch a vibe and stay a while. Remain present, and perhaps repeat your intention a few times until it becomes your mantra. Connect to and observe your essence. 


Ready to try the ritual for yourself? Shop the cannabis aromatherapy infused Full Flower Ritual now. 


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