The New Renaissance of Rest Is Here – Muri Lelu

The New Renaissance of Rest Is Here

We share our evolving thoughts on the practice of rest and the ways it intersects with the upcoming launch of our latest ritual, nightly skincare essential Grass Nuit Rebirth Retinoid. 

Lately, we’ve been dreaming about rest.

Not the kind of shallow rest we’ve all gotten far too used to: A temporary 6-hours-of-sleep, a weekend break swallowed whole by household chore catch-up, or a three-day-weekend masquerading as a full-fledged vacation.

No, I’m talking rest that lives in our bones. Rest that isn’t borrowed or earned, but rest that just is. Rest that’s a part of the natural cycle of our being, that can be felt deeply in the roots of our mind, body and spirit.

Ask yourself, When was the last time you experienced rest like that?

Activist, feminist and writer Audre Lorde famously said about self-care: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”  Since then, the word has expanded, shifted and taken on numerous (often non-political) meanings.

As a beauty brand, our practice of self-care focuses on rituals for the skin and self. However beginning today, we want to encourage our community to think about the kind of self-care that happens beyond skin-deep, too. To re-center rest and its value in our continued growth and survival as individuals and as a broader collective.

When we rest — take time to slow down, indulge and enjoy ourselves, for ourselves— we reclaim the pieces of our spirit that we so often give away to others. We expand our capacity as thinkers, feelers and as community that can care for each other. We re-connect with the present moment, and tune into our ability to grow and dream.

We've crafted our forthcoming launch, new nightly essential Grass Nuit Rebirth Retinoid, with this value system in mind — and as an invitation to our community to reimagine the ways they think about and prioritize rest in their lives. 

Rest is our natural right, a ritual that gifts us the space to softly and joyfully celebrate who we are ... a luxury we all need to make just a little more time for each day. 

So go on, beauty, sleep. You deserve it. 


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